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Your Clothing Racks Will Be Overflowing

I helped put on a free Diva Boutique at a Single Moms Retreat this past weekend.

We spent months in advance purchasing, ordering, building, networking and planning how we were going to pull it off.

As it got closer to the event we started sorting all of the purchased and donated clothes into boxes by size.

Many women came together to help in this effort, and I was even able to make it to every event.

Let me tell you, it was one of those ‘best of, worst of’ experiences. Somehow the idea of ‘blessing’ single mothers came across as ‘dump your junk on’ single mothers. But overall there was some amazing stuff! And as women, we took joy in sharing with each other each amazing piece after another.

This is why when we got to the retreat and set up, and them subsequently re-organized after each open session when we noticed large quantities of items we had never seen we were utterly amazed!

Over and over and over again we were surprised in this way, and it never got old.

It reminded me of a story in the Old Testament.

In 2 Kings 4 we find a man named Elisha (the protege of Elijah).

A widow whose husbands’ creditor was coming to take her boys as slaves and went to Elisha for help.

Elisha didn’t know how to help, but must have had some insight because he asked her what she already had in her house.

Amazingly enough, all she had was a small jar of olive oil. I’m not sure how you whittle your possessions down to a jar of olive oil, but whatever, to each their own.

Then Elisha gives her some odd instructions (as if ANY instructions in the Bible make sense). He tells her to go to her neighbors and ask for all their jars and bring them home. Then she is to close the doors to her home and start pouring oil into the jars.

This woman must have been witness to some amazing things in her lifetime, because even though these instructions were crazy, she did it right away. After each bottle she filled she asked her sons for another, and another, and another.

As soon as the jars were gone, the oil stopped flowing. Kind of like when you have a kid throwing up as you frantically look for a bucket and as soon as you get there they are done. Well, maybe not like that at all, but you get the idea.

She went and told Elisha what had happened. I’m wondering if he didn’t actually know what would come of his instruction! But he told her to sell the oil to pay off her debts and to live on the rest.

This really sounded like our boutique. We gathered and gathered clothing. And as we unpacked boxes it seemed to multiply to the point that our racks were overflowing!

And even after we let woman come through to take as much as they need and even wanted there was still left over to be given to someone else.


How About You?

Have you ever found yourself entirely dependent on God?

Tell us all about a situation where God filled your ‘cup’ to overflowing.

Comment below! :-)


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Esther :-)

2 thoughts on “Your Clothing Racks Will Be Overflowing”

  1. Here is both a seeming contradiction and a truth – God is not always logical by our way of looking at things, but He is *always* a God of order. Now, if *we* could learn to be a little less strong, a little less wise in our own eyes… kinda hard to cry “Abba!” when we think we have all the answers. Glad to see you know you don’t, Esther :)

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