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Hey everyone,

I’ll totally taking a pass today (I shouldn’t say totally, it took me a whole day to put this together), and sharing my Single Moms Retreat Diva Boutique video! (I was having trouble embedding the video, which I’ve totally done before, so just work with me here, I’m tired! lol)



What Do You Think?

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Help Me Get to Panama!

I’m going on a missions trip to Panama this July, and I need your help to get there (time’s getting short, I’ve only got 1 week left)!

Check out these posts about why I’m going and what I’ll be doing.

Why I’m Leaving My 6 Kids to Go to Panama

Panama Missions & El Refuge

Here is the link to give to my tax deductible giving fund. For those who give $50 or more I’ll be sending a one of a kind tie-dye ‘I (heart) Panama’ T-shirt!

Online fundraising for Panama 2013 - Esther Aspling


Don’t Forget!

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See you next time!
Esther :-)

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