Why Won't You Give Me What I Want?!

Why Won’t You Give Me What I Want!?

I have wants. A lot of them.

I’d like my husband to have 1 stable 8-4 job that provided for all of our families needs.

I’d like a body that isn’t falling apart (I’m not a leper, but I won’t get all detaily).

I’d like children that listen to me all the time.

I’d like vehicle’s that are not the butt of jokes or a million degrees because of a lack of AC.

I’d like a vacation. Seriously, when you start looking at meetings as vacations, you have a problem.

I’d like to be able to lose at least 10 pounds so I’m no longer over weight. TMI, I know.

I’d like to buy my clothes in stores that had more than one of everything (no I don’t shop in fancy boutiques, I shop at Goodwill).

I’d like to give me kids the opportunity to be in whatever their hearts desired. Do you have any idea how much music and sports are now?!

I think I should stop, I could probably go all day.

The reality is, most likely if I were to get all of those things I would still want more.

When my adorable 3 year old, Ransom, asks for candy he says, “can I have 1?”

I give him one.

“Can I have 2?”

I give him two.

“Can I have 3?”

This has to end, mama wants some too.

What ensues is a terrible and wonderful fit. He’s not the best, I’ve definitely had kids who could do better (correction; who DO better), but he’s not bad.

No matter how much I give him he’ll always want more, it’ll never be enough.

I know I have things that others wish they could. Heck, I’ve been in seasons of life where I never could have dreamed of having what I do now.

There are always going to be things to learn from having unfulfilled wants and desires.

We are learning to trust God (I really think we’ve got it down, but whatever) with our job situation.

Having limitations have taught me about how to manage my time and commitments. This has made me a better spouse and parent (I know I’m not there yet, but trust me I’m better now, scary I know).

Driving crappy cars/vans gives me the freedom to not care what goes on behind the driver’s seat. Sure it gets shoveled out from time to time, but I don’t usually deal with it.

I’ve learned to try and take time wherever possible to recharge. A quick charge is better than no charge at all.

That weight may not come off as quickly as I’d like it, but I’m not passing up my mother in-laws chocolate oatmeal bars to make it go faster. YOLO (I’ve finally had the opportunity to use that!)

I have a fine collection of clothes that I’ve HUNTED for. And I get a distinct high when complemented on my outfit that cost lest than $10.

We may have to piece together opportunities for our kids, but we do what we can with what we have. We are not above bartering for services. My teen is going to a YFC camp today using the barter system.

My point is this; God has let us walk past our wants and led us to discovering some great things along the way. We are stronger, more resilient people because of it. And I’ve got to remember that there was a time when  my greatest desires wouldn’t have even landed me as high as I am today, and that can still happen again in the future.


How About You?

Have you learned anything from not receiving your wants?

Have you actualized any of your wants that you haven’t recognized?


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