School Supply Extravaganza Week 4!

Hey everyone! I hope you are finding some great school supply deals!

Don’t forget to be looking around your area for places to donate those supplies to! You should be in no short supply on places to donate. Think shelters, low income schools, and even church groups distributing to specific families.



$1.00 – 8 pack of BIC mechanical pencils (my oldest daughter LOVES these, so I’ll be picking mine up this week!)

$1.00 – 1″ Avery Binder (this is a good deal for a quality binder)

$1.00 – 10 pack of Crayola markers (a reasonable price for a school staple)

$8.00 – 16GB flash drive (these are on more and more required school lists)


Office Max

$0.01 – Store brand crayons (after $5.00 purchase, limit 3)

$0.01 – Wooden rulers (after $5.00 purchase, limit 3)

$0.50 – Westcott scissors (they aren’t Fiskers, but they’re better than store brand)

$0.50 – 4 pack of Avery glue sticks (they aren’t Elmers, but they’re better than store brand)

Office Depot

$0.01 – Vinly pencil pouches (limit 3, but they are nice to have extra of!)

$0.25 – Scholastic brand crayons (not the best price, but okay if you are in a pinch)

$0.25 – Notecards (Finally! I’ve been waiting for these to go on sale!)

$0.25 – 10 pack of pens (green, red, black and blue)

$0.25 – Bottle of store brand glue (just know you get what you pay for with glue….)


And if you missed my article over at Bridging the Gap last week about saving money on school supplies and being able to purchase more for charities, here’s the link!

Saving Money on School Supplies


Happy Shopping!

Esther :-)



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