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Don’t Let Them Tell You To Shut Up

If you’ve ever met my husband you could use any of the following words to describe him; sweet, nice, kind, relaxed, patient and much more.

The fact that he puts up with me should tell you all you need to know about his character!

But let me give you more of a background.

When my husband was young a traveling evangelist told him that he would be a great leader. My husband quickly wrote off the prophetic word because of his life experience.

As a kid my hubby unknowingly suffered from some eye problems that prevented him from being able to read well. His teachers, even in elementary school actually used the word ‘stupid’ when talking to him.

All of this difficulty left him with little to no self worth.

I mean sure he could chant the verse, “I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me” like every other good church kid, but in his heart he never truly believed it.

My husband has a heart for people. A big one. And something he has always wanted to do was combine his love for bikes with his love for people.

He found a way to do this last year as an outreach from our church and has now moved into starting a non-profit to further extend his reach to help a larger community of people.

Over the past year I have watched as my husband has taken on new roles, learned new things and has really started to overcome a lifetime of negative self-worth.

I could see the hold that those nasty childhood comments held on his life losing their grip.


Like the rest of the world we require a day job to pay our bills. But those jobs have been difficult to find. Our current pattern has been find a job, business slows, lose the job.

So when we found a position at a company that was starting to expand, we became pretty hopeful.

Very shortly into the position however, it became apparent that something wasn’t right. The owner of the company seemed to have trouble with his temper, and would often lose his cool on his employees for things out of their control.

My hubby is a pretty understanding dude, and for a long time has been able to put up with quite a bit.

But this past week he received a text from his boss saying they needed to meet. Then, there was no work for him the rest of the week.

We’re fairly perceptive people and we saw the writing on the wall; he was going to get fired.

He has never been fired. Ever! People love him, and this time, it was his downfall. My hubby’s lovable attitude pissed this guy off, big time.

We prayed and talked and rehearsed the final confrontation, but we weren’t prepared for the words that would come out of the owner’s mouth as he stood inches away from Eric’s face;

“Shut the F*** up!”

My husband quietly handed him his work clothes, took his paycheck and walked out the door.

Immediately upon hearing what was said, my blood started to boil. Had I been at the wheel of the car I would have turned it around so I could personally deliver my return message of extreme anger mixed with physical violence.

I’ve even come up with a term that I think appropriately characterizes my emotional state, “Wifezilla.”

My husband had done nothing but show this man kindness, and in return he gave him filth.


It wasn’t until later that day that it hit me.

Who was telling him to shut up?

I’m not the type of Christian to blame everything on Satan, I think we do ourselves enough damage that he hardly has any work to do.

But this time seems different.

Over the past year my husband has been able to gain confidence. To truly start becoming the leader and man of God that he was destined to be. He has overcome stereotypes and climbed over obstacles to get to a point where he is not only the most productive he’s ever been, he’s reaching people in a magnitude that he’s never experienced as well.

This message of hate and anger was aimed not just at him, but at his actions.

Satan hates when we overcome the obstacles in front of us to truly become the people God wants us to be.

My hubby spent his life restless, knowing he was made for more, but believing he was built for nothing.

But as those lies started to dissipate he was able to see that God gave him the desires and skills necessary for a unique place in the Kingdom of God. A place where he can feel fulfilled and closer to God with every action he takes.

Satan is going to get pissed. That’s a guarantee.

And if there’s anything that I’ve learned in this life it’s this; you should probably not take advise from Satan.

So while he’s screaming in your face to stop what you’re doing; keep going.

When he’s telling you to give up; dig your heels in.

When he’s telling you to throw in the towel; don’t give up the fight.


What About You?

What are you doing to piss off Satan?

Or are you giving him what he wants?


Esther :-)

2 thoughts on “Don’t Let Them Tell You To Shut Up”

  1. Thank you so much for your blog posts. Each time I read one, I feel as though you are putting my own feelings and experiences into words (and much more eloquently than I could!). I don’t know why, but it gives me sense of relief or peace to know that I’m not the only one. Each time I finish reading a post, I’m also left with a renewed sense of purpose. If other people can deal with the same daily challenges and self-doubt, I can too AND I can keep working on my many flaws AND I can keep getting better. Again, thank you for renewing my sense of purpose today :o)

    1. I’m so glad you can relate! Sometimes I think just knowing that other people are surviving with similar challenges is enough to keep us going :-)

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